Congratulations to all the wonderful performances at competition and showcases. Huge thanks to all the teaching staff for their time and dedication.


Thank you to all the dance teachers for such a wonderful show. You all worked so hard all year and the dancing was amazing.


Thank you to each and everyone of you for another fantastic show and year of dance. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated.


Can I say a massive thank you to all the dance teachers for a wonderful show, as well as a fantastic year of dance. …….. absolutely loves her dancing and this is fuelled by the time and effort you all put into the classes and choreography. Have a great break!


I want to thank you all so much for a fantastic end of year show. The work, time and dedication you have given to our kids has been amazing. Enjoy your well earned summer break.

Tom Smith

My daughter loves Newry Dance Theatre Arts, since attending the classes her confidence has grown. The teachers are fantastic!. I would highly recommend this dance school.

Richard Brown
Business owner - Seven commerce

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Anna Wildfire
Creative director - Seven digital

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